Info – Complete visit + tower

This combination allows you to visit all the open monuments and museums in the square during the opening time, Tower included. It can include the Opera del Duomo Palace when it hosts a temporary exhibition. You can visit the Tower on the day and at the time specified. The ticket is valid from the chosen date (not before) for 1 year for visiting the others, if open and during the opening time.

Baptistery: Closed to visitors from 2 October to 1 December 2023 and from 20 May to 14 June 2024. When opened some areas can be closed due to restoration work. The opening can be vary on Sundays and on religious holidays.

Tower: Reduced-price tickets are not available. For safety reasons, children who will not have turned 8 by the end of this year are not permitted to enter. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. ID may be requested to certify the age. Online tickets are limited in number. If the time chosen is not available, you can try later or buying at the ticket offices on site. The time can be modified once purchase has been effected. Please consider to arrive 15 minutes before the time printed on your ticket. If you are late you won’t be allowed in and you won’t be refunded.