on 30 May 2020, the monumental complex reopened to visitors safely in compliance with the government measures to contain the spread of covid-19
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In the Cathedral, entrance to the faithful for prayers and masses will be guaranteed according to safety standards

Gabriele D’Annunzio effectively condenses the wonder and admiration that catch whoever visits the Duomo Square of Pisa.

The Opera della Primaziale Pisana (O₽A) is a non-profit organisation which was established in order to oversee the first works for the construction of the monuments in the Piazza del Duomo, subject to its own charter which includes the protection, promotion and enhancement of its heritage, in order to pass the religious and artistic meaning onto future generations.

«L’Ardea roteò nel cielo di Cristo, sul prato dei Miracoli.»
Gabriele d’Annunzio in Forse che sì forse che no (1910)


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The square of the Cathedral of Pisa represents the best example of the Pisa Romanesque style through its magnificence and perfection, a harmonious fusion of classical, early Christian, Lombard and eastern motifs.
The buildings maintain a stylish unity.
The Cathedral, the Tower, the Baptistery and the Camposanto represent together the allegory of human life.
The Sinopie Museum hosts the big preparatory drawings recovered beneath the frescoes decorating the Camposanto and the Opera del Duomo Museum shows the development of Pisa art and the great Middle Ages sculpture with a new and evocative museum path.


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27 January 2020

The thirteenth edition of the Anima Mundi Competition of Composition expires April 17, 2020

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Opening of the Opera del Duomo Museum

17 October 2019

In 1979 the Sisters Cappuccine, owners of an ancient building in the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, decided to abandon their convent to retreat to a more suitable location. The Board of the Opera della Primaziale Pisana saw then the opportunity to fill that lack of space that the development of the Fabbriceria had long […]

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14 June 2018

The restoration of the decorative metal supporting panel framing the painted wooden panel was completed in 2018. The foundation of the altar of the Madonna di Sotto gli Organi dates back to 1225, when the painting made its entrance from the Lombrici Castle (Camaiore). In 1887 the Primaziale Chapter had the frame created with the […]

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The renewed glass windows of the Baptistery

4 June 2018

In 2018 the restoration of the stained glass windows of the Baptistery of Pisa was completed. The intervention was carried out by the Centro di Conservazione e Restauro La Venaria Reale of Turin, under the operative direction of the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro of Rome. Four original stained glass windows were […]

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The frescoes of the Monumental Camposanto of Pisa

13 April 2018

With the scene of the Triumph of Death the ambitious project of restoration of the pictorial cycle that decorated the walls of the Camposanto ends. The restoration works of the scene of the Triumph of Death by Buonamico Buffalmacco is going to be completed and the ambitious restoration project of the great pictorial cycle that […]

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The Cathedral: The restoration of the dome’s paintings

11 February 2018

Orazio Riminaldi, detail of the Assunzione della Vergine One year after the fire of 1595, which devastated the Cathedral of Pisa and its sumptuous furnishing, Monisgnor Totti sent to the Opera del Duomo di Pisa a letter of presentation of the painter Michelangelo Cinganelli “per dare una vista per la pittura della cupola et per […]

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