Reduced prices and free tickets

For the Tower
Reduced-price tickets are not available. Admission is free for disabled visitors with their helper, upon presentation of suitable certification to the cashier, on site only.

For the Cathedral
Admission to the Cathedral is free. If you buy any ticket you get a free pass to visit the Cathedral, not subjected to a fixed time. The free pass for visiting just the Cathedral is at a fixed time and available exclusively from the ticket offices on site.

For the Baptistery, Camposanto, Sinopie Museum, Opera del Duomo Museum, Temporary exhibition
Free admission without ticket only for disabled visitors with their helper and for visitors under the age of 11 if accompanied by an adult.
Reduced-price tickets are available only for School groups (primary and secondary schools) of a minimum of 10 students if accompanied by an adult, upon presentation of a list of attendees on headed notepaper from the school, free admission for one teacher every 10 ticket-paying students. Please contact the cashier for details. Tickets for school groups can also be purchased online through the Area reserved to Agencies and Schools.

Prices for School groups
one monument/museum € 3
two monuments/museums € 4
three monuments/museums € 5
four monuments/museums € 6
Tower €18 (ticket cannot be combined with others)
Cathedral admission free (ticket included in combinations)
audioguide of the Opera del Duomo Museum € 4

Italian Large Families Association
You can take advantage of reduced rates showing your card to the cashier.