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The Opera della Primaziale Pisana organises conferences aimed at promoting the knowledge of history and art, in all its forms and cultural manifestation, which has reference to the monuments and other assets of its relevance.

European cathedrals – new technologies

4 October 2016

The world of culture in recent years seems to have made a covenant with new technologies for the revival of Italian artistic heritage. A proprietary app, mobile devices, 3D printing, augmented reality can lend a hand in this crucial area; having the protagonists “talk” directly: the monuments. Analysts’ projections tell us that, thanks to digital […]

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4 February 2016

With the meeting of June 3 this year the Nano Cathedral project kicked off, supported by the European Union within the nanotechnology field applied to Horizon 2020 cultural heritage with a fund of about 6.5 million euro. A total of six monumental buildings will be for three years under the eyes and hands of petrographers, […]

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